Offering the broadest range of machine vision experience on the West Coast, ACT can quickly evaluate and prototype machine vision feasibility in our well stocked vision/optics laboratory. Our vision/optics lab is stocked with the latest state of the art vision processors, light sources, cameras and optics. This allows us to determine optimal camera, optics, lighting configurations for a particular application. We can quickly prototype customer applications using the actual components we will use for their job, not just guess at it. Working with ACT gives customers the benefit of our machine vision experience. Whether a customer is looking for a complete vision inspection system or the components to build one themselves, ACT can take the guesswork out of the vision experience.

ACT is glad to evaluate customers machine vision applications for feasibility. The following are the guidelines that we normally work from in evaluating a customer's application:

1. Customer to send a package to ACT including

2. Representative part samples

3. Part drawings/schematics

4. A written description of the defects on each sample

5. A written description of what constitutes a defect

6. A written description or photograph(s) showing how the product is currently handled (conveyor, belt, etc)

Once we have received these, ACT will determine the optimal lighting, camera, optics for the application and prototype the inspection using one of the vision processors in our lab. Based upon the positive results of the evaluation, we can then schedule a demonstration for the customer.


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